About us

Ghanbarinia Carpets was established in the cradle of civilization (Shiraz) as a wholesale supplier of handmade persian carpets in 1841. The original showroom is now a UNESCO Heritage designated site.

Capitalizing on the founder’s motto of superior quality, integrity and honesty, the company grew into a major national supplier within just a decade. 

Honouring and continuing the founding principles, the company has grown into its current position as a global leader in the field of carpets. 

We are proud to be active in all areas including antique, classic and modern carpets of all kinds, through our workshops, galleries, warehouses, and affiliated showrooms in 29 countries across the globe, with 72 active sites.

Since 1987, the company has expanded into contract projects including hospitality, commercial, and residential carpet flooring.

The tradition of excellence continues today with the aim of satisfying the most demanding clients while offering them the widest selections of high quality carpets and rugs available.